We’re back!

19 08 2011

After a rather lengthy hiatus, the North Staffs Trades Union Council blog is back in action.

Firstly, just a quick recap on who we are. The NSTUC is the collective organisation for trades unions in North Staffordshire, and is made up of local TU branches who nominate delegates to represent them at our meetings. We have a website and Facebook page and we have joined twitter today, so follow us @nstuc and tweet anything interesting that you’d like us to send out to the twitterverse!

The  main focus of NSTUC work right now centres on the cuts to jobs and public services, and  fighting fascism. So this blog post will set out some of the upcoming local and national opportunities to show solidarity.

First up, we will be arranging transport to the Lib Dem (Sun 18th September) and Tory (Sun 2nd October) Party conferences, so please email Simon Halstead on simonhalstead@btinternet.com to reserve your space on the coach. It is vital that we send a strong contingent from the region and demonstrate our resistance to the ConDem cuts at these important conferences. For more details, have a look at Right to Work‘s site.

NSTUC members will also be going down to Tower Hamlets to demonstrate against the English Defence League on Saturday 3 September. This protest has been organised by United Against Facism. We’ll update this post with a local contact for transport a bit later, but tickets are £6 concessions/ £12 standard, with the coach setting off at 8am from Stoke.

NSTUC is working with its colleagues in North Staffs Against Cuts (NSAC) to organise the March for Stoke. Provisionally this has been set for Sat 26th November, but will be confirmed in due course. NSAC are in the process of inviting speakers and bands, so if you have any good ideas for this, do get in touch through leaving a reply on this blog or theirs.

Something else to do is to sign the petition against Remploy closures. Remploy transform the lives of disabled people and those experiencing complex barriers to work by providing sustainable employment opportunities. All 54 Remploy factories are under threat of closure when current public funding ends in April 2013. You can find out more on the GMB‘s site and sign the petition at www.saveremployfactories.co.uk NSAC and NSTUC are looking at how we can support this cause further and will post here when we have more details.




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