Fight for Fairer Pensions for All

9 05 2012

As workers across the country strike tomorrow against the controversial pensions changes, please join us at picket lines across North Staffordshire and at the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) North Staffordshire 68 is Too Late launch on May 10th, from 11am in Albion Square Hanley.

Who is on strike on 10th May?

  • Civil servants in the PCS union
  • UCU members in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (i.e. post 92 universities and FE Colleges)
  • Unite’s NHS and Ministry of Defence workers.
  • Civil service workers in Northern Ireland in the Nipsa union.
  • RMT members on the Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Why are they on strike?

Members of the unions above are on strike because the government expects public sector workers to work longer and pay more for less pension.

The government forced through changes to public sector pensions meaning public sector workers will pay £2.8bn in contribution increases to help reduce the deficit, whilst at the same time cutting the top rate of tax for the rich. Essentially the government is placing an additional tax on state employees.

As PCS’ leaflet argues:

“Britain is the sixth richest country in the world. We could make the rich pay their fair share of tax and stimulate the economy by creating jobs.

Then we could keep public sector pensions, make private sector employers provide proper schemes, and return the state pension to the value it had 30 years ago – 25% of average male earnings.”

Tomorrow’s strikes are therefore a chance to stand up for fairer pensions in both the public and private sectors.

What is 68 is Too Late?

68 is Too Late is a coalition of three unions representing over two million workers: PSC, Unite and the National Union of Teachers (NUT).  The campaign opposes the government’s proposals to raise the UK state pension age to 68 – the highest in Europe – on the grounds that it is too long to work, too late to retire and because our young people will be thrown on the scrapheap as the increases in pension age will mean a higher proportion of older people in the workforce. There will be an initial increase in the state pension age to 67 between 2026 and 2028, then a later rise to 68 .

North Staffordshire PCS are calling on representatives of the Trades Council and affiliated unions to gather at 11am in Albion Square Hanley on May 10th to support public sector pensions and the wider issue of increase of the state pension age.





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9 05 2012
Tomorrow’s strikes for fair pensions « northstaffsagainstcuts

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