A fairtade feast of flavours!

16 05 2012

North Staffs Trades Union Council has become a volunteer distributor for Zaytoun. This means that we buy their products to sell on stalls and to friends, colleagues and supporters in the North Staffs area. The Zaytoun products were well-received at the Workers’ Memorial Day event at the end of last month.

For those of you who are not familiar with Zaytoun, they are a Fairtrade non-profit organisation established to support Palestinian farming communities and distribute their artisan products. You can find out all about Zaytoun and their work on their website.

We are selling these goods at much lower prices than found in the shops or online as no profit is made by the Trades Council.

Products available:

Zaytoun Organic Couscous, 250g £1.50

This large-grain, wholewheat organic couscous is hand-rolled and sundried for a distinctive nutty flavour. Healthy, fast-cooking, versatile, cheap and tasty…

Zaytoun Organic tree-ripened black olives, 300g £3.80

These organic fairtrade tree-ripened black olives come in lovely-shaped jars of olive oil with a dash of sea salt. They have a unique, strong flavour that olive-lovers will adore. These olives are produced by farming cooperatives within the Palestinian Fairtrade Association who harvest their trees by hand every October.

Zaytoun Organic Nabali green olives, 200g £3.00

Zaytoun’s organic Fairtrade green olives are pickled in traditional Palestinian fashion with olive oil, water and salt. Like the black olives above, they are also produced by farming cooperatives within the Palestinian Fairtrade Association, who harvest their trees by hand each year.

Zaytoun Organic Honey Roasted/ Smoked Almonds, 75g £2.00

These nutrious ‘Om Al-Fahem’ almonds are traditionally grown in Palestine as they thrive on the arid and rocky terrain, producing a large, sweet almond. These are sourced from a farmers’ cooperative in the Jenin area.  Choose from smoked or honey-roasted. Both varieties are really yummy and the honey roasted ones are ridiculously more-ish! Eat them straight from the pack, or try one of Zaytoun’s recipes.

Zaytoun Fairtade Medjoul dates, 250g £3.00

Grown in the Jericho area which has the perfect climate for producing these delicious, soft and succulent dates. They are sourced through the ‘Palm Farmers Cooperative’ and are a vital source of income in this area which is seeing vast tracts of land illegally confiscated by Israel. Find out more about the dates and their production on the Zaytoun website.

Zaytoun Olive Oil handmade soap Gift Pack of 4, 400g £6.20

Made by Sindyanna of Galilee, a women-led non-profit organisation in Nablus, these fair trade olive oil soaps in a decorative box make a wonderful and original gift. Each package includes a postcard representing the work of a Palestinian artist, as part of a new Sindyanna project, which sponsors Palestinian art in Israel. The lovely box contains lemon, pomegranate, plain and sage varieties.

Palestinian Fairtrade Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml £7

Zaytoun’s organic Fairtrade olive oil has been sourced through Canaan Fair Trade in Jenin. It is pressed from the fruit of ancient trees which have been tended by hand through generations of family farmers.

It is produced by farming cooperatives within the Palestinian Fairtrade Association who harvest their trees by hand every October and send the olives to village presses within 24 hours.

Palestinian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml £3.50

Zaytoun’s non-certified oil is sourced from a number of different farming cooperatives in Palestine. Although not yet certified, it is free of pesticides and harvested by hand.

It is produced by a number of different farming cooperatives in Palestine, and collected and bottled by organizations committed to farmer support and the principles of fair trade.


Please email northstaffstuc@gmail.com to order any of the above goods and arrange collection. In some cases, free delivery may be available depending on your location.




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